We Are Creators About We Are Creators

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we are creators. Our world is the way it is because of this creative process. We are each powerful creative beings. We are creators of the physical forms in our lives. We are also the creators of all the outcomes in our lives and in our world. What we think, say and believe is what we get. In spite of what we may wish it to be (because we wouldn't have to assume responsibility), our world is exactly what we collectively design it to be, all of the time. The time has finally come for us to wake up. We might just as well become consciously aware that we are powerful creative beings and get good at it because we haven't done such a great job creating up to now. In our ignorance and misunderstanding we have been like children and it is now time to mature and grow up. It is time for us to create the world that we want the world that we can have and become universally awake. Your challenge is now to become consciously aware of the fact that you are a creator.
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
Painting Size12" X 12"
Not Framed
Price (CDN)$250

© Paula Jane Marie 2016