The Question About The Question

Has your child ever asked the question the one that you really do not have a solid basis in fact and truth, or a real answer? "Where do we come from?"

I wish there was an easy across the board answer to this question, but there is not. As a human race we have had wars, have hated and killed one another and have criticized others publicly for their beliefs in answering this question. Truly there is no wrong answer so why does one person have to be correct. All we know is that we are here on this small blue ball together and that we must be the best versions of ourselves for the good of all mankind. With that thought in the forefront of our minds maybe all the animosity in the world would decide to take a break. We do not know the answer to the question but maybe one day it won't ever be needed to be asked.
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
Painting Size12" X 12"
Not Framed
Price (CDN)$250

© Paula Jane Marie 2016