Devine Feminine About Devine Feminine

The Divine Feminine is an essence, it is in the Oceans, mountains, forests, sky and soil. Earth, Air, Water and Fire are all forces that exist within all of us, The Divine Feminine lives within the sacred beauty of Creation. The earth goes through 12,000 year cycles between masculine and feminine energies. Right now, we are at the end of the masculine energy where wars seem endless and our material desires and ego run rampant. The masculine / patriarchal cycle has come to an end. Enter the Divine Feminine. As the energies transition, we will notice a change in how we perceive our connections to self, others and nature. This doesn't mean that a man will be less of a man, but he will become more cognizant of the feminine side that we all encompass. The women of this planet already know and have experienced the male side, which also has its benefits, such as being known as the protector, feeder of the family, muscular strength and scientific intellect. But through time, this turns into ego, competition, war, control and materialism until the cycle runs its course.

This is my visual depiction of the essence of the Divine Feminine
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas
Painting Size12" X 12"
Not Framed
Price (CDN)$250

© Paula Jane Marie 2016